A little juicy fruit …. raspberries, currants white red pink & black, gooseberries red green & yellow, and blackberries, boysenberries, wineberries, cranberries and honeyberries. Well the last few, just a glance… Oh – and the Veitchberry too

A little tour around the fruit garden at RHS Wisley, where all manner of soft fruit are left either au naturel or trained into fans and cordon, tied and regimented into wires and pruned carefully for the maximum harvest and healthiest plants.

I’ve a little reading to do but have picked out the following articles from my favourite gardening journalists at The Telegraph and Independent as well as a look at the good ol’ RHS website for more information.

I’ll also be reading through Mary Spiller’s excellent book Growing Fruit: A Complete Handbook (she has an excellent CV that includes time at Miss Havergals’ School of Horticulture at Waterperry Gardens – which continues to be a superlative garden packed with fruit trees in all manner of fantastic forms).

Alan Titchmarsh and his Kitchen Garden book will also be perused I’m sure and the excellent Dr DG Hessayon and his Expert series for The New Fruit Expert… Time flies ?

In the meantime, have a gander at the advice in these excellent articles –


















…. and to finish off, a little gallery of the different plants available at the Plant Centre at Wisley – and all good fruit specialists – with a precis of what their best features might just be …


…. and this is I believe, my 1000th post for The Teddington Gardener. Woo (as they say) Hoo!


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