Late, large-flowering Clematis at RHS Wisley – Bloomin’ Marvellous in the Trial Fields

IMG_2440The same situation here, two double rows of plants, growing up tall, roughly woven obelisks, laid out for inspection, assessment and examination – late, large-flowering clematis on trial at RHS Wisley. I was here last year and maybe the year before so that would make this at least year three of the trial.

Some varieties are full to the tips and tops of their frames, bursting with flower over every available inch (for younger readers, every cm), vital, in great rude health and obviously happy with life.

Yet some of them don’t seem to have had the invitation and barely tickle the frame let alone throw out any flowers. Poor show… I see the flaw in my piece once again since these disappointing examples haven’t been included in my photographic record – I can’t advise you what to avoid. Then again with the rich pickings from the ones that are featured, what more choice do you need?

I walked through the lines once, enjoying some cloud cover to bring out the delicate colours and textures of these fine blooms before bright sun and clear blue skies forced me down to the agapanthus and sunflower trials (where the distinctions were less marked) before returning to the clematis to complete and repeat the tour. The photographic results are mixed as the sun simply wouldn’t take a break and I haven’t edited, or photo-shopped, any of the images to correct the over-brightness. I might yet, for some of them, but you see what I saw and I really shouldn’t complain about a sunny day after the shabby weather we have had these past couple of weeks.


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