Agapanthus on trial at RHS Wisley

IMG_3125 (2)IMG_3122IMG_3123IMG_3111IMG_3118IMG_3126The Trial Fields at RHS Wisley are full of hopeful contestants for the coveted Award of Garden Merit and plants are submitted to the RHS so that, over a number of years, they can be assessed and performance recorded and rated.

Agapanthus are going through this process at the moment (and large, late-flowering Clematis, annual sunflowers, Penstemons, Physocarpus, Euphorbia and brassicas, other plants too I’m sure but defintely these ones).

I have a mind that the trial fields will be moving soon to another location and that there are impressive plans for this space though I cannot remember any of the details, so my apologies for mentioning this at all!

I’ve not recorded all of the varieties included in the trial – no flower, no photo – and as you can see some of the spikes were only just opening out (some were fast going over too) – but I’ve tried to record the most noticeable features of each variety that did merit a picture or two. Strong sunshine means many of the pictures have a washed out appearance and if I had the notion to edit each of the photos, then I could probably have rendered a more vibrant portfolio. But I didn’t, haven’t and probably won’t….

The black name plates precede each of the photographs for the named variety, there may be one or more pictures but the next black plate will tell you I’ve moved along the line to the next variety. And so forth. Mostly.

If you love your Agapanthus, there should be much joy here!




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