A horticultural hotch-potch from RHS Wisley, ending the first visit this week to these extraordinary gardens (I returned the following day for another 6 hour marathon….)

IMG_1677The King and Queen (Henry Moore) looking down the Lily Pond, with a carpet of Agapanthus Castle of Mey at their feet


And so ends my first visit to RHS Wisley in almost three months but I think I made a good job of photographing it to death! Plenty more to explore and I returned the following day (Friday) to take in Battleston Hill (Hydrangeas in particular), the Trial Fields (Large, late-flowering Clematis, Agapanthus, Sunflowers) and a return to the Glasshouse – the Fuchsia display had been cordoned off for rearrangement and cleaning up the plants, so I didn’t get a proper look on Day One – returning the following day meant I could look 360º around the benches, so I’ll leave this catalogue for later consideration.

Most of the images in the gallery above were taken in the Plant Centre, with my gad-fly eye, though I would draw particular attention to the ghostly foliage of the Buddleja glomerata Silver Service which was huddled against the wall of the House within the gardens and I admit I had never noticed it before. Quite striking and I must enquire further as to its properties, flowering habit and particular specifications –

Buddleja Silver Service
Buddleja glomerata Silver Service
Buddleja glomerata Silver Service


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