Take a 6m by 6m space, add a rustic chestnut pergola, a wildflower meadow, fragrant roses, annuals, perennials and grasses, herbs, climbers ramblers and vines, tree ferns and a little bedding in there too – the whole contents of a cutting garden with plants for sun and shade but everything speaking of June; an Indian cart, a little terracotta, kokedama, a vase of slow-flowers; hoggin floor, a Balinese cooking pot (lest I forget – and fill it with floating zinnias) and add a further layer of fragrance for the whole affair with a bespoke Il Giardino candle. A perfect representation of a June weekend at Petersham Nurseries, condensed.

All gone now of course, but I’ll check the original is still there when I go in to work tomorrow!

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