Everything I saw at BBC Gardeners’ World Live today ….

Voila! All my photos from the show in one gallery – I’ve had a lovely day but with several hours travel up and down the M40 and sat sitting on the M25… well here are my pictures and I’m going out for some dinner now…..

There is, I grant, a little sorting through, grouping, annotating and further editing of this mega-gallery of photographs from my visit today to BBC Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC in Birmingham and I’ll get round to it over the weekend, I promise… Highlights there were and it will take me some time to give these their proper prominence.

There will be tweetery….

The floral marquee was the star attraction with familiar names as well as nurseries I’ve only been introduced to today. The standard of the plants was excellent – several are at home with me now (no surprise there -). The imagination, skill and effort which has gone into creating these exhibits is mind-boggling. In this heat too!

I suspect after Petersham Nurseries has put together their Show Garden at Grow, the garden show on Hampstead Heath next week, I will have some first hand experience of the discipline of creating a show garden in miniature like these.

Treat this vast, ungainly gallery as a stop-motion story board, a comic-strip for my wanderings across the NEC today as there really is much to admire and I will provide a little narrative – and put a little more effort into the business of entertaining and illuminating my horticultural adventures – in the days ahead.

One thought on “Everything I saw at BBC Gardeners’ World Live today ….

  1. As always, I am very jealous of your proximity to such garden splendour (except for the driving part). It is good to know that I added a good Tiarella, Sugar and Spice to my garden this year. That dark purple poppy is fantastic. And the peonies, very nice. Thanks again for sharing.

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