Roses at Kew Gardens – Wild Roses, Old Roses, English Roses. A Grand Start and so much more to come…






IMG_5551IMG_5553IMG_5550IMG_5554IMG_5558IMG_5559IMG_5560IMG_5557IMG_5568IMG_5567IMG_5570IMG_5572IMG_5574IMG_5576IMG_5575IMG_5580IMG_5585IMG_5578IMG_5576IMG_5593IMG_5592IMG_5591IMG_5597IMG_5598IMG_5595IMG_5600IMG_5601IMG_5602IMG_5603IMG_5610IMG_5608IMG_5617IMG_5616IMG_5624IMG_5626IMG_5627IMG_5628IMG_5630IMG_5632IMG_5629IMG_5634IMG_5636IMG_5639IMG_5638IMG_5643IMG_5644IMG_5646IMG_5647IMG_5642IMG_5649IMG_5650IMG_5656and the new 2015/16 Handbook of Roses, which I picked up at the first RHS London Rose Show today…

IMG_5669IMG_5670IMG_5671IMG_5675IMG_5660and a duck, at Kew Gardens, to round things off!!

The Rose Garden at Kew Gardens today – with a lot of roses popping but still much, much, much more to come – a fine selection of English roses from David Austin, a decent collection of Old Roses and a mix of wild & species roses.

The folks at Kew have been planting new roses – creating new rose beds as well, so it seems that the rose garden is getting the attention it deserves and I’m very happy about that. I look forward to watching the season progress.

And I think I have to plan a trip to Mottisfont Abbey too – the National Collection of Old Roses and their Spiritual Home…


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