At the head of the Family Border and the long, gently curving rose pergola, with the Temple of Aeolus on the mount behind, is the peony border, and though it is early in the season, some have already gone over, while much has yet to even get started. Others are just about right and these are some of them… I like the big and blowsy as much as the next person, but the cream Globe of Light was understated and charming and Paeonia veitchii even more graceful, with delicately cut leaves and nodding flowers – something of the hellebore in the way they are held, or perhaps anemones? The whole thing is beautiful.

The keen-sighted among you will have noticed a display of Auricula, which those nice folk at Kew had put right by the exit. I had thought to get away this time without any major expense but they had other ideas. Still, it’s been a couple of years since they have had them in stock and at £7 each (less my Kew membership discount), well, you can see what my shopping basket looked like…. Auricula heaven. Now showing in Teddington!