IMG_2522IMG_2523IMG_2525IMG_2524IMG_2527IMG_2528IMG_2530IMG_2519IMG_2534IMG_2537IMG_2538IMG_2542IMG_2545IMG_2548IMG_2550IMG_2551IMG_2552IMG_2554IMG_2555IMG_2558IMG_2557IMG_2560IMG_2561IMG_2562IMG_2563IMG_2565IMG_2567IMG_2568IMG_2569IMG_2570IMG_2573IMG_2575IMG_2576IMG_2577IMG_2583IMG_2592Well, I think that just about gives you every angle! This remarkable tree, Cercis siliquastrum, also known as the Judas tree, forms part of the Mediterranean Landscape at Kew Gardens and is just about at its best just now. Alone it is both striking and beautiful but contrasting with the yellow, fragrant gorse, the combination is remarkable.

I was heading to the Cherry Walk, the focus of my walk in the gardens today, but rather helpfully, some-one was writing up a chalk board, right by the entrance with a list of ‘What to See Today’ and this was right at the top, understandably. Plus the Mediterranean Landscape sits at the end of the Cherry Walk, so it was a minimal diversion but with maximum impact.

LINKS  – and not nearly so impressive even a week later, in 2013