Teetering before the fall but still beautiful, the Cherry Blossom Empire @kewgardens


IMG_2602The Cherry Walk at Kew Gardens, coming up from the Mediterranean Garden and heading towards the roses and Palm House. A couple of weeks ago, this path was lined with pink and white confections, flurries of blossom in candyfloss shades – but now green is the theme. Yet…

There is still rather a lot going on and some of the cherries seem only to be getting into their stride and one or two have made remarkable transformations…

IMG_2607IMG_2609IMG_2610IMG_2613IMG_2616IMG_2617IMG_2620IMG_2623IMG_2624IMG_2625IMG_2626IMG_2627IMG_2629IMG_2631IMG_2633IMG_2634IMG_2635IMG_2637IMG_2638IMG_2639IMG_2642Lime green Alexanders, Smyrnium perfoliatum

IMG_2647IMG_2649IMG_2652IMG_2653IMG_2654Sadly, I couldn’t find a name plate for this white, pristine fresh and quite reserved tree. Kanzan however, below, unmistakable!

IMG_2655IMG_2657IMG_2661IMG_2658IMG_2662IMG_2663IMG_2665IMG_2670IMG_2672IMG_2673IMG_2674These pink pompoms started life as deep cerise little buttons, tight, flat miniature things, showing nothing of the puffed-up little balls they were to become. Very much like the contrast.

IMG_2676IMG_2678IMG_2681IMG_2682IMG_2683IMG_2684IMG_2690IMG_2693IMG_2696IMG_2697IMG_2698IMG_2700IMG_2701IMG_2702IMG_2703IMG_2704IMG_2705IMG_2708IMG_2709IMG_2712IMG_2718IMG_2719IMG_2722IMG_2723IMG_2724IMG_2726IMG_2727This one, Matsumae Aisen, was looking so fresh, so perfect and I don’t think was doing anything at all on my last visit. I very likely just walked on by. But this is clearly a  later-flowering cherry and carries the torch still.

IMG_2731IMG_2732IMG_2734IMG_2741IMG_2743IMG_2746Last, but by no means the least…..

One thought on “Teetering before the fall but still beautiful, the Cherry Blossom Empire @kewgardens

  1. Thanks for posting. It is good to know that there will be some things blooming next year when I take my mother to Britain, especially since I picked the dates. She will enjoy the late cherry blossoms.

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