IMG_9432IMG_9436IMG_9433IMG_9439IMG_9437IMG_9442IMG_9441IMG_9447IMG_9444(Yellow, foreground)

IMG_9445(white with pink stripe, background)

IMG_9449IMG_9448IMG_9452IMG_9451IMG_9455IMG_9453IMG_9457IMG_9458IMG_9466IMG_9463IMG_9468IMG_9472IMG_9467IMG_9478IMG_9480IMG_9482IMG_9486IMG_9485IMG_9491IMG_9492IMG_9493IMG_9495IMG_9497IMG_9496IMG_9499Lithodora zahnii (above)

IMG_9500IMG_9501IMG_9504IMG_9505IMG_9462IMG_9459IMG_9506IMG_9509A tour through the glass clamshell of the Davies Alpine House at Kew Gardens today, where the specimens are displayed in a rocky landscape as well as in a few terracotta pots. The overall effect is serene, particularly given the height of the glass apex and as many of the plants are at ankle height, but individually, there are some seriously bright and intricate beauties on display and this is just a taste.


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