A gander at some star attractions at Kew Gardens today

IMG_8627IMG_8624IMG_8615The Chokushi-mon and Japanese Landscape at Kew Gardens today

IMG_8619IMG_8622Chaenomeles speciosa adding some bright scarlet highlights to the many greens of the Japanese Landscape. Iris unguicularis elsewhere adds bright blue elsewhere in the scheme. Green, however, is the unifying theme.

IMG_8669IMG_8629Prunus cerasifera is one of the first trees to come into blossom – you might see Prunus Kurzar as an early pink, but this one in particular is often the first, right in the vanguard of all the cherries, magnolias and crab-apples that will follow as Spring progresses.


An excellent lunch too for this butterfly.

IMG_8676The Temperate House restoration is well underway with much activity – but then there is rather a lot to do…

IMG_8678IMG_8675IMG_8697The shrub borders between the Temperate House and the Mediterranean Landscape are peppered with Scilla sibirica, contrasting with the sulphurous yellow blossom of Cornus mas.

IMG_8693IMG_8695IMG_8702IMG_8709IMG_8700But as you head on towards the Victoria Gate entrance, the expansive lawns begin to colour up with thousands upon thousands of crocus

IMG_8755IMG_8729Quite the Star Attraction. I am quite determined to repeat this effect myself and will make a note to bulk buy some crocus bulbs this coming autumn. I might add in a little golden yellow, just to give some contrast, but I am smitten.

IMG_8779Elsewhere, under the spreading branches of another Cherry and sheltered by a hedge of intensely fragrant Sarcococca, Cyclamen coum is still packing a punch and looking splendid.

IMG_8784The sunshine is beginning to exert its influence on the Magnolias and this M. stellata is just breaking into flower. What a sight it will be. Camellias in the Long Walk are also colouring up – this is Lady McCulloch.

IMG_8794IMG_8806Camellia Adolphe Audusson

IMG_8770In the tiny Plant Centre at Kew, this gorgeous Harvington Double Purple Hellebore. This is my new best favourite!

Crocus in more discrete clumpings by the Pagoda – but a-buzz with insect life.

Finally, and not in Kew though I am sure there will be specimens somewhere (I don’t immediately recall where…), a spectacular front garden tree which I passed yesterday and just had to take a detour today, with camera this time. Acacia (Mimosa) with pale grey-green ferny leaves and a mass, a towering mass of bright yellow pompoms. How completely amazing!


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