White, yellow, pink – three colours Spring

IMG_6841Pure white crocus, streaked with lilac and tufts if egg-yolk-gold

IMG_6900Narcissus Jetfire, a strong sturdy, early narcissus, excellent for naturalising in grass. Primroses coming to the party now too – all manner of colours but I always revert to these more natural tones, if not the original species.


IMG_6889Coronilla valentina glauca Citrina – compact evergreen climber (less than 1m) with scented pale yellow pea-like flowers

IMG_6796The return of Hellebore Penny’s Pink – created by Rodney Davey and with a crowded halo of outward facing and gently nodding flowers, marbled foliage and great foliage – a star. A few flowers yet (below) from the Hellebore niger strains.



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