If you go down to the woods today (Part 2) – Hellebores, Camellias and more at RHS Wisley


IMG_5515IMG_5525Hellebores running wild in the woods of Battleston Hill at RHS Wisley.

I have an inkling that these are just a little wild, I have never seen any them labelled (and pretty much everything else thereabouts is name-plated). There will be more of them in due course, these are the vanguard of a great swathe of them. Colours range from the palest pinks to lime-greens and yellows, deep dark plums and purples, and speckles and not-speckled across the range. Doubles, singles and somewhere in between, handkerchief corners and gentle ruffles.

But I’m getting ahead of myself as the season for these hybrids is just starting – but I’m looking forward to the show. Here’s a taster –

IMG_5493IMG_5491IMG_5500IMG_5497IMG_5507IMG_5509IMG_5510IMG_5511IMG_5553IMG_5555While the hellebores were doing there thing, the Camellias were getting in on the act –

IMG_5432Camellia x williamsii Simon Bolitho (above) and Mary Christian (below)


IMG_5615Camellia x williamsii Francis Hanger (above) and Freedom Bell (below)

IMG_5626IMG_5628IMG_5563Camellia Grand Jury (above) and Camellia vernalis (below)

IMG_5537And the rest of the best from my woodland walk…. the destinctive flaking bark of Acer griseum

IMG_5643IMG_5644IMG_5670Cornus officinalis (above and below)

IMG_5671IMG_5688IMG_5474IMG_5484IMG_5565IMG_5569The bench here in the ferny glen has a beautiful dedication –

IMG_5572I don’t know who Ruth Ezra was but the dedication tells me quite a lot…

IMG_5578Skimmia japonica subsp. reveesiana Chilan Choice (above)

IMG_5648IMG_5695IMG_5704Well this last one, winter aconites, was in the Plant Centre (are the plastic pots a give-away?). Then again, pretty much everything is for sale in this very well stocked Garden Centre (see my  recent posts listing every hellebore they have for sale – and every rose I think too!).

A very enjoyable walk through the woodland landscape at RHS Wisley – I was very strict with myself and just stuck to this one area around Battleston Hill – hellebores and camellias explored here and the fragrant stuff was covered in a blog a little earlier – the gorgeous Witch Hazels and Daphnes, Sarcococcas (this last being the most fragrant and wafty). I urge you to go (though if you are going for the butterflies in the Glasshouse – pick your time wisely as I expect it will be busy).

Butterflies aside, there is much more to see there – I probably shall…

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