Old-Fashioned Roses, Ancient and Modern Classics, Climbers, Ramblers and Shrubs – more Roses at Petersham Nurseries

Roses to the left of me, roses to the right! A fresh delivery today including many classic Old-fashioned roses, climbers and ramblers, some modern introductions too, in the classic style. Many names new to the Petersham Collection and quite a few varieties that I’m looking forward to getting familiar with. These will compliment the expanding David Austin collection giving me quite an extensive range of roses to look after – new scents, richer colours, taller, shorter, brighter, softer… lots more to photograph!

An early Spring, please, and a few blooms would be nice now…

IMG_5169IMG_5173IMG_5086IMG_5084While the expanding David Austin collection has a home by the glasshouse on the left…


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