IMG_4758IMG_4762IMG_4739The Princess of Wales Conservatory, never a dull destination within the expanse of Kew Gardens, is preparing for their annual Orchid Festival – it begins on the 7th February and runs through to the 8th March.

From past experience, it is going to be an intensely colourful and beautiful extravaganza and with temperatures outside hovering not much above freezing (3ºC this afternoon) a chance to warm up in the wide expanse of this glasshouse.

The hot and humid zones are complimented by arid landscapes which have their own sense of adventure.


The precise symmetry of the Canary Island Echium caught my eye, along with the colourful orange spikes from the Agave africanus, the daisy flowers of Gasteria agavifolia and the delicate lilac flowers of the Pelargonium ‘Rubicinctum Cordifolium’.

IMG_4825IMG_4836IMG_4834IMG_4838The main event, I’m very very glad to have seen this towering, tapering flower spike of Agave attenuata – the icing on the cake this afternoon.

The orchid event begins in a couple of weeks but there is plenty to see before the 7th February, whether you want to explore a tropical jungle or a hot and dry desert. I’ll still be there for the Orchid Festival though. Wouldn’t miss it.