Luxuriating in decay – the Glasshouse Borders at RHS Wisley

DSCF4646DSCF4642DSCF4661DSCF4612DSCF4619DSCF4612DSCF4651DSCF4663DSCF4666DSCF4682DSCF4672DSCF4684DSCF4685DSCF4688DSCF4694DSCF4846DSCF4847DSCF4851DSCF4854The Glasshouse Borders at RHS Wisley

There is much to recommend these borders – the long double beds running down from the Fruit Mount to the Lake and running in concentric, linking arcs around the reflecting mirror of water and bounding the Glasshouse. Add a clear sky and low slanting sun, at the end of November and the effect is magical. Greys and blacks – Sedum, Perovskia, Eryngium Silver Ghost, Phlomis, Euphorbia, Eupatorium – mix with warm browns and golds of the spent grasses, exploding Cynara seed heads and the few remaining bright highlights of Cotinus. Coppiced willow adds rich ruby and amber to the scheme. Golden Beech hedging guides the eye around the more expansive and looser planting blocks and becomes the proverbial Burning Bush, back-lit by the autumn setting sun. Messrs Oudolf and Stuart-Smith, thank you!


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