Gilded Trees – Ginkgo biloba and Parrotia persica at Kew Gardens – liquid gold, ruby & emerald

DSCF4338DSCF4334DSCF4323DSCF4330DSCF4315DSCF4313DSCF4294Ginko biloba – the prehistoric Maidenhair Tree, with a weeping form which is even more of an absolute gold mine, still, with generally larger leaves and longer leaf-stalks than its upright neighbours.

Parrotia persica (below) gold with flashes of red and emerald.

DSCF4269DSCF4274DSCF4281DSCF4276DSCF4279DSCF4272and finally, a Grandstand Wisteria…

DSCF4260Just half an hour today at Kew Gardens and a bee-line made for the group of Ginkgo trees that featured in a recent post and in several tweets by @kewgardens too. Just the most gorgeous group, even on such as dank and dark day as today, they were shining bright! The fallen leaves carpet the ground and remain gilded and quite unspoiled and I confess to having picked up a few for a Craft Project, as yet undefined, but which might become a wreath, table or tree decoration. Blue Peter time…!

The weeping Parrotia persica with branches grazing the ground (there is a bench at the base of the trunk, quite hidden) had tantalising flashes of rich red in the yellowing leaves and a twist to leaf that is very appealing. More leaves for future craft project pocketed!


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