Another Kew Gardens Miscellany – Autumn brilliance of course, the Xstrata Treetop Walk, the Lily Pond and a setting for The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

DSCF3685Acer palmatum in typically bright garb.. Acer sieboldianum (below)

DSCF3688DSCF3698Acer platanoides (above) with Castanea sativa, the Sweet Chestnut (below)


DSCF3739Fagus sylvatica, a copse of very beautiful Common Beech (though there is nothing common about these specimens) –

Leading us over to the Xstrata Treetop Walkway, high above the woodland floor with panoramic views, particularly through bare branches –

DSCF3735DSCF3745DSCF3749DSCF3751DSCF3752DSCF3753DSCF3755DSCF3760DSCF3761DSCF3763DSCF3771– in the woodland, this hanging in one of the trees… it is a ….?

DSCF3773DSCF3774Codonopsis tangshem, in the woods…

DSCF3777More Common Beech, Fagus sylvatica, below

DSCF3766By the Lily Pond…. Ginkgo and Japanese Maples colouring up –

DSCF3780DSCF3795DSCF3805DSCF3813and finally, in the woods, the table is set out with …26 chairs. All we need is a Dormouse, a White Rabbit and Alice…..


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