Am I blue?

DSCF9414DSCF9299DSCF8958DSCF8927DSCF8686DSCF8671DSCF8475DSCF9301DSCF9510DSCF9491DSCF9563DSCF9547DSCF9053DSCF7788DSCF7729DSCF6981DSCF6677DSCF6587DSCF6366DSCF9300Asters and Hydrangeas, Salvia patens and Indigo Spires, and Caryopterix, Clematis viticella, Agapanthus, Viola, Penstemon, Verbena bonariensis, Dianella & Geranium Rozanne, Crocus and Heliotrope… the blues and violets of an Autumn garden. Mix them up with rich purples and pinks (I’m thinking Sedums here) and the golds and oranges of  Heleniums and Helianthus  – and there are some fireworks to be had…

some ideas here in The Telegraph piece…

and here in the long mixed borders at Wisley….


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