DSCF8475DSCF8474DSCF8481DSCF8480DSCF8453DSCF8452DSCF8455DSCF8456DSCF8461DSCF8459DSCF8465DSCF8466DSCF8467DSCF8462DSCF8471DSCF8482DSCF8483DSCF8485DSCF8450The Alpine House at RHS Wisley, as usual, its two long sandy benches packed with plants at their peak – the display changes weekly to showcase the best of their vast collection. Cyclamen there were aplenty (in fact, mostly) but the bright sunshine, despite the shades, would have rendered their subtle colours lost on any photos I could have taken. A few of the brighter subjects therefore to enjoy!

I regularly call in at the Alpine House here – and another at Kew, the Davies Alpine House, so please interrogate the site for more pictures if like me, alpine plants are among your favourites!