Three from David Austin Roses – an English composer, Swedish Royalty and a Yorkshire Garden

DSCF3719Benjamin Britten (above)

Here is a variety of unusual colouring for an English Rose – strong salmon-pink that changes with age to a particularly strong shade of pure pink. Deeply cupped flowers gradually develop into an open, slightly cupped rosette.

Benjamin Britten is a useful rose to provide a highlight among the softer shades of most English Roses. It is of medium height; vigorous, with dense growth and excellent foliage. Ideal for the border or may be grown in a large pot or container.

The fragrance is intensely fruity, with aspects of wine and pear drops.

Named to commemorate the life and work of the famous English composer, conductor and performer.

DSCF3708Crown Princess Margareta (above)

A tall, slightly arching shrub which is ideal for the back of the border. The flowers are quite large, neatly-formed rosettes of a lovely apricot-orange. It is one of the Leander group and should thrive even under more rigorous conditions.

Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and was an accomplished landscape gardener who, together with the Crown Prince (later, King Gustavus VI Adolfus of Sweden), created the famous Swedish Summer Palace of Sofiero in Helsingborg.

DSCF3705DSCF3702Harlow Carr (above)

A tough little rose that bears flowers of the most perfect formation – shallow cups of the purest rose pink. These hold their form to the end; the occasional petal falling back to give a pleasing effect. The plant has an excellent bushy habit, maturing into an attractively rounded shrub with its flowers almost to ground level – a characteristic that we particularly favour at David Austin Roses. The young foliage is bronze at first, later becoming green – and the whole plant is of truly ‘Old Rose’ character. There is a strong, pure Old Rose fragrance that has been described as reminiscent of rose-based cosmetics.

Harlow Carr is the newest and most northerly of the R.H.S. gardens. A fine display of English Roses has been created there.

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