DSCF3512Pat Austin (the orange) and Princess Anne (above, in shades of pinky-purple) – both from David Austin and looking, in every bed, very happy and healthy. Cerise Bouquet, below

DSCF3522DSCF3520DSCF3526The white hydrangea-like heads of shrub rose, Sally Holmes

DSCF3529DSCF3532Reine des Violettes (above and below)

DSCF3531DSCF3544Morning Mist, from David Austin roses, always impossibly healthy. A big shrub rose. (above and below)

DSCF3547DSCF3549Shades of Autumn with a spectacular show of hips from Rosa sweginzowii

DSCF3553DSCF3554Rose de Rescht – pristine foliage and perfect blooms, as if the first of summer rather than early August. An excellent garden rose, this –

DSCF3565DSCF3557Comte de Chambord and Jacques Cartier were equally healthy of leaf, but fewer flowers and none captured perfectly, hence the comment but an absence of a photograph.

The rose beds, as ever, would have benefited from some deadheading but staff there are few and the job tends to be done in mammoth sessions rather than as a regular chore. There are a lot of roses in these beds and generally, they were looking well. I was particularly impressed with the show of hips from Rosa sweginzowii and also the superb health and pristine leafery of Rose de Rescht.