A little slice of Petersham – and a little announcement



Antique urn with Hellebore Pirouette, Muehlenbeckia and moss..



A new delivery of some very old things! The delicious red-flowering standard camellia is very Alice in Wonderland



The cutting border – the bulbs are coming through and I can’t wait to see what buried treasure we have here. The border will develop through the year providing cut flowers – and inspiration – for everyone at the nursery. I wonder if we can extend the season to give us something interesting in the deeper, darker months?


and a colourful spot in the sunshine for a break…

These uniquely creative and beautiful nurseries have an international reputation, with excellent horticultural credentials. I’ve loved spending time there – and photographing its eccentricities and theatricality – and now I am joining the exceptional team that conjures the Petersham magic.

My private work will continue, with greater flexibility and focus, side by side with my new horticultural commitments at Petersham Nurseries. Such exciting times – I am so fortunate to be both The Teddington Gardener and part of such an inspirational and visionary business.

Woo, as they say, Hoo!


4 thoughts on “A little slice of Petersham – and a little announcement

  1. Congratulations on joining Petersham’s!!!
    I love looking at pictures of the activities, at this nursery and haven’t yet visited. Please keep up the photos so I can remain connected until I can visit in person.

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