Shades of Desire



Camellia japonica Desire – a semi-double camellia photographed today and a classy customer with a centre in warm shades of ivory and ice cream – while just a couple of days ago, she was more wholly shell-pink and decidedly frosty. The edges of the formally arranged petals are blushed pink, giving a beautiful bi-colour effect.


There are touches of decay appearing at the edge of the petals – like they have been touched lightly by fire. In my experience the white blooms of camellias tend to age poorly, with brown marking eventually overtaking the clean Pristine; with pinks and reds the contrast is less obvious and they age more gracefully. That said, the flowers of most camellias drop cleanly from the plant so the poor effect is temporary and it is only the litter beneath the plant that needs regular tidying away.



Time to mention the Chiswick House Camellia Festival (throughout March) and Trehane Nurseries who will be there once again (I think) for the duration –

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