Flowers and fragrance at RHS Wisley

The Walled Garden
Galanthus Mrs W.M. George
Galanthus Mrs W.M. George
Iris George
Iris George



Iris Katharine Hodgkin
Iris Katharine Hodgkin

Flower and fragrance – there is no lack of interest in the woodland at Wisley

These images from the Wild Wood, an area bounded by the Alpine Meadow, Rock Garden and Seven Acres, with forays up the hill for the Iris (and into the Alpine House). You can almost hear the fresh growth popping on bare branches and thrusting through the damp earth – and the scent – ah! the fragrance! Daphne smothered in flowers, pumping out their distinctive drowsy vanilla-lily essences.

I spent a couple of hours looking at a very modest section of these great gardens – and was not disappointed. So much to see, I shall be back  – but maybe after half-term…

If you have the opportunity, go and visit; as an added incentive there are butterflies in the Glasshouse until the 9th March (the same closing date as the Orchids at Kew, by the way) and there is everywhere a feeling of a tightly coiled spring, ready to… Spring (almost, nearly, there).

Now, my copy of Gardener’s World has arrived, so it’s time for me and Monty to cosy up on the sofa for half an hour…

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