A trip down memory lane… and a history lesson




Lose no time…


Once upon a time…. my sister Christine, in the kaftan, my brother Mark, my Mother and me…

I’m hijacking the purely horticultural aims of this blog for personal reasons – and a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Of all the times that I have been back home, in almost four decades, I haven’t been up to St Leonard’s Parish Church, or the Old Cemetary with panoramic views of the cotton mills that dot the landscape. Heaton Park has been a regular point on my compass, and was busy with families at play, taking advantage of a bright interlude between storms and gales.

A weekend then in the old home town, remembering family weddings at the Parish Church (see the Kaftans), playing hide and seek in the wilder part of the Old Cemetary and running wild in Heaton Park. Important open spaces with great significance to us humans as well as to wildlife. An important town too, at so many times in British History, so a little bit of a history lesson too.

St Leonard’s Parish Church, Middleton (Manchester) – the current building dates back to the 15th Century but with parts going back 1000 years. The Lancashire Archers are commemorated here in the Flodden Window, medieval stained glass which has recently been restored.

A beautiful video by Andy Marshall – link below

Capturing the cycle of light at Saint Leonard’s Church, Middleton near Manchester.

Saint Leonard’s is a rare jewel in a town rich in history.

Sat upon a hill, the church has watched the light rise from the Pennines for centuries and like a grand zeotrope lit up the generations passing through its walls.

This project has been made possible with the support of the Middleton Heritage and Conservation Group and Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council as part of the Edgar Wood and Middleton Heritage Initiative which is funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.





Heaton Park, the largest green open space in Manchester, with sadly crumbling house set amidst rolling grassland, woods and more formal gardens. Every generation of the family has sat on these rather winsome lions!




and then – my Mother and brother, Mark (now 48 years young…)





The following link refers specifically to Manchester’s Southern Cemetery, with regards to the importance of these spaces for wildlife and urban biodiversity.


Middleton Heritage Initiative Documentaries

The links above are for a documentaries on Medieval Middleton and second, Renaissance Middleton, well worth the watching.

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