Snowdrift – and other winter clematis


Evergreen Clematis armandii ‘Snowdrift’

Pure white, almond scented, propeller shaped blossom, in the hundreds, smother this evergreen climber in early spring (March – April). Thick, waxy leaves add year round interest and excellent screening – it can grow to 20′ quite comfortably.

There are clematis for every month of the year and such a variety of form, colour and shape – early ‘doers’ include evergreens like this, scramblers with ferny foliage, scented white flowers in avalanches of blossom, more delicate pixy hats, spots and speckles… the following are worth seeking out –

  • Clematis cartmanii Joe, Early Sensation, Fragrant Oberon, Avalanche, Lunar Lass
  • Clematis cirrhosa Freckles, Wisley Cream, Jingle Bells, Ourika Valley
  • Clematis clarkeana Winter Beauty
  • Clematis armandii, Appleblossom, Snowdrift
  • Clematis Nunns Gift

P1010958 – For rose and clematis lovers, John Howells’ book on both is unbeatable. Lots on this website too.

For the keen clematis lover, this book by Ruth and Jonathan Gooch, of Thorncroft Nurseries, is a MUST.

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