Anna’s Red, Candy Love & Angel Glow…. more Hellebores!




The deeply luminous Hellebore Anna’s Red – big plants with big flowers and all in a rich ruby red. The cultivar is only a few years old but specimens bulk up nicely, with outward facing and nodding flowers held on tall stems. A real star and a favourite of mine, ever since I saw it at the RHS Spring Show three years ago.




Hellebore Candy Love – masses of white flowers as you can see – front and back of the beautiful discs, with green ruffles and a boss of golden stamens. White now, but the petals will darken to a pinkish-chocolate as they mature – while more buds erupt from this very floriferous plant.



Hellebore Angel Glow – pink buds opening to light pink flowers, taking on green as they mature to even deeper pinks. Marbled foliage too. Reputedly an early season performer, in flower as early as January…

and for later digestion… a few links:-

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