Primlets – sweetheart rosebuds in sorbet colours

Primlets, a very pretty but extremely tough addition to the family of primroses and polyanthus and at your garden centre now –

  • dark green, textured leaved
  • subtly scented
  • evergreen in milder areas
  • a rainbow of colours
  • double, rosebud flowers
  • edible flowers
  • full shade to part/bright shade
  • in the garden and great for containers
  • flowering December to April/May
  • perennial
  • add fertiliser and deadhead to prolong flowering
  • water from below to prevent fungal problems
  • watch out for slugs and snails

Sarah Raven is using these bright, edible flowers in colourful salads, among much else that you may not have considered

In a recent Telegraph article – Polyanthus rather than Primlet, but still a clarion call to give these bright little things another look –




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