Cornus mas, Cornelian Cherry


Prunus Okame

Further findings from my most recent walk through Kew Gardens (we’ve seen Bark!) and I hadn’t expected to see much by way of trees in flower, this early in the season. Three specimens caught my eye. The Cornelian Cherry, Cornus mas, was putting on a delicate show, by the lake. bright but widely spaced clusters of  yellow flowers.


Prunus Okame is like a sprung catapult – thousands of pink buds just waiting to smother the bare branches in cup-shaped carmine pink flowers. A week or two more… Just north of the Mediterranean Gardens.


The Marn Elm, Ulmus villosa, was new to me, with these oatmeal baubles on graceful bare stems and a beautiful symmetry. Not showy, but commanding of a close look. Not far along from Brentford Gate, heading towards the top of the Rhododendron Walk.