Shed Hunting….


My shed and I are about to part company – a pre-emptive strike really before it slumps into the ground – but an opportunity to replace it with something that will be a combination of potting shed, workshop, highly organised tool store and folly. My Dad had two sheds to his name, both solidly built from brick and breeze block, with stained glass windows and terracotta spires – so there is something to live up to here. I do have a few pieces of stained glass salvaged for just such an occasion, so we’re part way there already.

Watching Kevin McCloud on his recent odyssey to build a forest cabin, coastal retreat and a £100,000 tree house has been entertaining but I shan’t be blowing the budget, though I would like something that I can customise. Once the existing shed has been demolished – and a stand of laurel has been cut back – I’m hoping there will be space for an 8′ by 10′ construction, beneath the enormous Horse Chestnut tree at the end of the garden.

It will be right next to the Breeze House which serves as a brilliant dining space – the wi-fi extends down here too so I can work as well, quietly situated away from the house – and other houses – nestled among bamboo and other shrubbery. It is cooler in Summer by several degrees than the open garden terrace making this a great retreat on hot days. The Breeze House is quite striking – circular, with a thatched roof and because of this, I have yet to come across a complimentary solution to my shed requirements.

In the meantime, if money were no object…..   (using polished steel)

The Tree Hotel has some inspiring buildings, from the Mirror Cube and another completely clad in branches – The Bird’s Nest

Thatched Garden Buildings, Luxury Thatched Wooden Gazebos and Pavilions

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