Berberis – A Dectective Story


I featured this plant on the 18th January, bemoaning the lack of information on the label and finding out just a little about what the index numbers might refer to. Happily more than a few questions have been answered by a friend who has been able to look up the details from the original plant-hunting foray –

1998-2006   Hardy Display          Natural Source          
Location(s): area 186 01   (2 plants)
Partially Verified by Susyn Andrews (ANDR) on 29/05/1996
Donated by: Fliegner,Erskine,Howick & McNamara. (FEHM) on 20/12/1994
Collected by: Sichuan (SICH) no. 1347 on 23/09/1994
Geography: Sichuan  Findspot: Daocheng Co., above Camp 1 Yading farmsteads, following Yading River upstream on the north-east side of Xiao Gongga Shan.
Altitude: c3700 metres
Material received: Seeds
Field notes: From a deciduous shrub arching to 2m, cut over, leaves in whorls of up to seven, obovate to 3.5 x 1.3cm, bright mid green above and much paler below, spines in threes, sometimes twos, to 3cm, tubular berry to 1cm turning red, frequent in partial sunon loam on an open mossy forest floor with Picea likiangensis, Larix potaninii, and Betula on an east facing slope in a narrow north/south gorge. Herbarium specimen. Seed also to Howick Arb. & Quarryhill BG.
Resubmission requested
Identification notes: Previously known as BERBERIDACEAE Berberis. Please resubmit when in fruit. – Susyn Andrews (29.5.96)
Curation notes: Accessioned 20/12/94. Part transferred to Arboretum 06/04/1998 see 1998-1204. Part transferred to Arboretum 20/05/1998 see 1998-2005. Part transferred from Temperate 20/05/1998 see 1994-3682.
Tolerance: Hardy                    Habit: Deciduous
Sex: Hermaphrodite             Flowering period: —-M——-
Scientific interest: Of interest
References: Herbarium Voucher – Dry
Planted in 1998    
Date Record Created: 20/05/1998   Date record last amended: 03/08/1999
Date last resurrected:

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