Golden fruit – Viburnum opulus ‘Xanthocarpum’


Viburnum opulus ‘Xanthocarpum’, – our native Guelder Rose, literally with ‘Golden Fruit’. These deep yellow, translucent fruits are a change to the more usual red. Planted together – red and yellow – and if you can get it, the compact form of both, ‘Compactum’, t’would make a fine sight in a smaller garden too. The yellow fruit will be more persistent, the red more quickly gobbled up by the birds. The summer flowering display of both is a fine sight and there are attractive autumn tints to the maple-like leaves.

Just a few steps from the golden specimen above, something else that I had only recently seen for the first time, and here it was again (albeit both specimens are in Kew Gardens, so I should not be too surprised…). Indian Currant, Symphoricarpos orbiculatos. Close up, the ‘currants’ are not as attractive as I might have swished, but the overall effect is still quite pleasing.

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