Hip Hip Hooray for Roses (again..)


A small selection of the rose hips display in the rose garden at Kew – sheltered by the Palm House and watched by sentinels of topiary.

Not all roses produce rose hips of any significant or decorative consequence; some pull out all the stops and at least equal the floral display. For those roses which flower just the once, however beautiful this may be, the hips may well provide interest over a far longer period, especially when colour is most needed in mid-winter. If you have roses in your garden, check what they are doing now – and if there are hips (or should be!), don’t be overzealous in deadheading the flowers this summer – particularly those which flower just the once. You will miss this rosy display next autumn and winter.

Morning Mist (Austin)
Morning Mist (Austin)

These photographs were taken this week at Kew and are named individually.

Michael Marriott, from David Austin Roses, gives some advice in the Daily Mail!


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