The seasons begin their shift towards Spring – isn’t it noticeably lighter, later, already – and Hellebores will be coming to the fore. Certainly a plant that can be the subject of (more than) a mild addiction.

Penny’s Pink

Plant breeder Rodney Davey gives us this beauty – Penny’s Pink – and another (my favourite) Anna’s Red. Marbled foliage and large flowers held outward-facing. Specimen plants for a deep pot, maybe – certainly a prominent position. These first flowers are uncharacteristically tinged green, and a touch small, to be wholly representative – the specimen is very young – but promise much. I photographed both cultivars last year so search through my back-catalogue and you will find more pictures and information.


The picture below is of another variety called Pirouette – lots of flowers in a dense crown


More information in this link to the excellent Plants for Shade people (an extraordinarily wide collection of plants here)