Indian currant – Symphoricarpos orbiculatos


Symphoricarpos orbiculatos – Indian Currant or Coralberry

I know this particular spot, with the waterfall next to the Davies Alpine House and have photographed something interesting, maybe something orange I seem to recall, here before – so I must have also photographed this shrub too, in leaf. It seems to have made no impression on me!  I will have to look through my past photographs for the Spring/Summer Star of this area and see what’s what, and where.

Graham Stuart Thomas (his book is still lying about) writes

E. United States 1730. Dense, bushy, with downy branches. Tiny, downy leaves give a pretty, ferny effect. The berries, though small and of a rather dull purplish pink, are usually produced in quantity, providing a warm glow.

Mid-winter, and in berry, with low slanting sunshine – it is an admirable sight.

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