Ice Breaker Max…


Hellebore Gold Collection Ice Breaker Max(i)


I’m a little confused by this one, as the label at Wisley – is not ‘Helleborus x ericsmithii’  as it appears elsewhere in The Internet, and is more Ice Breaker Maxi than Max. It might also be synonymous with the name Winter’s Glow. Hey Ho. Beautiful nevertheless.


One thought on “Ice Breaker Max…

  1. I adore this hellebore – absolutely adore it, but keep coming back to the name confusion here too (Virginia, USA) I bought labelled well as ericsmithii but have seen it referred to as above as well. I’d be willing to take Wisley’s word for it, except I know this is the FIRST time I’ve ever seen ‘Maxi’ – if they can make that mistake, they could make another. Hmmmmmm…. I think I’ll just call it a nigercors hybrid and be done with it. Thanks for the post.

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