In the Davies Alpine House, Kew


In the Davies Alpine House at Kew, Sternbergia candida


One of several generously plants pots of Scilla madeirensis


This one I have photographed before, at Wisley I think, Narcissus romieuxii subsp romieuxii


As the labels says – Crocus imperati ssp suaveolens ‘Jager’


Crocus ‘Jager’, again


Not a poppy, Ranunculus asiaticus


Just a few more Alpine darlings from Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (I photographed the miniature Iris and added these to an earlier post).

In not too many more weeks, the show will be substantially more abundant and beautiful – alpine plants put on the most exuberantly colourful show as Spring approaches, so I will be back both to the cutting-edge architecture of the Davies Alpine House at Kew, and the more traditional glasshouse at RHS Wisley, with my camera of course.

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