Cinnamon Snow, Snow Dance and Josef Lemper – Hellebore Gold


Helleborus Cinnamon Snow



Helleborus, interspecific hybrid ‘HGC Cinnamon Snow’®:

This new variety from Heuger breeding is a worthy addition to the ‘Helleborus Gold Collection.’® It combines positive characteristics of two different helleborus species. It is a well-behaved plant with a uniform, compact habit. It has large 3-3.5” flowers that open with a tinge of pale yellow that turns into a cinnamon color as it matures creating a unique look. The variety has a lot of flower power and their large faces look right at you above the dark green leaves that have reddish stems. It is a new variety so time will teach us lessons. Our trials have shown that forced in cool greenhouses the flowers show in late December or early January. Garden trials will be executed in 2009 in North America and we will publish the results when they are available. The family blood lines lead us to believe the varieties will be strong but we must to our homework before we promise the gardener.

Helleborus x ericsmithii Snow Dance


Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘Snow Dance’
One of a new strain of ‘Gold Collection’ evergreen Hellebores, this superb variety is an improved version of the popular ‘Christmas Rose’.
Helleborus x ericsmithii Gold Collection ‘Snow Dance’ is a vigorous and heavy blooming hellebore variety, producing dusty rose buds which open to cream flowers and mature to a rosy cinnamon.

Hellebore niger HGC Josef Lemper



Helleborus niger ‘HGC Josef Lemper’®:

This variety has large leaves that are light green. It has large 3-3.5” white flowers that face the viewer. The plant will grow to 8-10” in the garden. There will be several visible first year flowers that face the viewer when grown in a cool greenhouse. The flowers begin to appear in this environment in early December. Garden response will vary based on your local climate. Regional response will be similar to ‘HGC Jacob’. You can expect ‘HGC Josef Lemper’ to respond a couple of weeks later. The flowers mature to a darker green on strong stems. This variety is a very strong perennial and makes a wonderful flowering groundcover in the garden.

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