Scent in the winter garden – Chimonathus praecox ‘Grandiflorus’

Several fine specimens by the lake edge at Kew, near to the Plant Centre…

I’m bewitched by scented plants and I do seem to have stumbled upon some quite spectacular examples in the few short hours I spent at Kew and Wisley earlier this week. I’ll rattle through some more of them… Firstly, Winter Sweet.

Since I am leaning on Graham Stuart Thomas’ book on ornamental shrubs, this is what he has to say –

Among the many winter-flowering shrubs which are deliciously scented, none has a more penetrating, spicy smell than this. The flowers are considerably frost proof and are borne almost stemless on last year’s growth. Nodding, small, starry and freely borne when the shrubs are fully established, and most free when the growth is vigorous. To promote this the plants may be pruned after flowering. Fairly large mid-green leaves.

‘Grandiflorus’ This vigorous cultivar has larger leaves and outer petals are pure, rich yellow