Cotoneaster frigidus ‘Cornubia’ loses its leaves in winter. Its habit is upright when young, then arching. The leaves are long, narrow, veined and mid-green; the flowers and the red berries are very thickly borne and showy. This is a plant for a prominent position in a large garden.


What a busy year! The first for teddingtongardener.com and I am looking forward to filling these pages next year with more photography and plant profiles, garden visits and diary notes.

No two years can ever be the same in the garden – we have seen some very keen contrasts in just the past few years. 2014 will be no different, favouring some plants to the detriment of others, but they will have their day too.

Savour the last of the year and gird your loins for your plans and projects  in the coming 12 months. Health and happiness to you all.

Teddington Gardener