O Christmas Tree…


Well, I’m almost ready for The Big Day…

The wrapping of presents is required and a little housekeeping. If the rain lets up, then I can get into my garden and clear away the last of the leaves but little else is urgent. There are jobs that could be tackled but I will postpone any lists of instructions until after the Christmas festivities. A week off from garden chores, folks! Perhaps Santa will bring you a long-wished for book that will satiate any horticulture-related pangs.

As an early Christmas present to myself, and a weather dependent choice, I plan on getting to RHS Wisley on Monday. I think that I will be able to beat the crowds in the gardens at least (their glorious gift and book shop will be heaving!).

My tree this year is a Fraser Fir; short-needled, very dense and aromatic with the scent of oranges. White lights (absolutely not on the disco/strobe settings), six pure white, feathered birds (from Wisley a number of years ago) and an ‘Ice Queen’ fairy (Tilda Swinton in the Narnia films, I’m thinking) start and complete the tree decorations.

I did buy a small lollipop of a Calamondin citrus tree on Friday and have added a Partridge-ish bird to the foliage, a twist on the usual pear tree combo. Floral arrangements for the table have been eschewed for a glass jug filled with fat hips from rose The Generous Gardener. I must take a photo or two tomorrow. Must get on now…

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