Diary Notes

My Diary..

Busy, busy this week – gardening on Monday and Tuesday despite the poor weather – much clearing of leaves and aerating a very compacted lawn and then  a trip to London for the excellent RHS Shades of Autumn show. These pictures are from the show – there have already been slideshows but they need particular technical do-das to run, and not every appliance, apparently, has these.

A trio of days at Syon, welcoming the first of the Christmas Trees (Oh Yes!) and a few hours today getting to grips with a new garden project, just off Kew Green – finding the bones of a garden amongst a lot of congestion – and letting the shrubs we want to keep have enough room to breathe.

I’ve planting lists for a Mediterranean Garden project to continue deliberating over, design proposals for a wide, but shallow garden to rough out and literally hundreds of tulips to pot up (with narcissus, hyacinths, muscari – and pansies, violas and wall-flowers as planting companions). Most came from the excellent Peter Nyssen, a boggling selection of bulbs of every hue and a much greater choice than even the best garden centre can offer. Perhaps there will be time tomorrow, before the Hurricane takes hold.

I’ll have to check their website, but if the RHS gardens at Wisley are open, I might manage a couple of hours there, catching Autumn as it slides towards winter..

The clocks go back tonight, so remember to change the clocks and alarms before you go to bed. Sweet Dreams!

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