I  can just about get to the front door, after three hours of potting and pottering, pretty much everything has a new winter home…

A maintenance day today – bright blue skies, chill, the wicked wind has died down and I’ve lots of plants to pot up into more suitable containers before the weather really turns.  Clearing leaves in the garden – the huge Horse Chestnut tree is bare now, thankfully.

Many plants were still in their original containers and needing more root room and nourishment, so time to give them new homes. Potting up on the front path (and catching up with the neighbours) and setting the completed containers along the pavement, gathering plants from various nooks and crannies in the front and back gardens, they have accumulated into quite a collection. Girding whatever is usually girded, an inventory compiled….

a couple of Geraneum Rozanne; a gaggle of Agapanthus (Jack’s Blue, Northern Star to add to the Peter Pans and Black Pantha I already have); at least five Digitalis Illumination Raspberry; a now unnamed Helenium (Wyndley?); a couple of Aster frikartii Monch; at least seven Verbascum Lavender Lass (still in flower); a single Cosmos atrosangineus Chocamocha (this I will try and grow on indoors and see what happens); another singleton, Kniphofia Toffee Nosed; two Alstromeria Natalie, a dwarf form; two Hosta Guacamole (with the most scented flowers in season); Clematis Propertius; Persicaria affine Donald Lowndes; Nepeta Six Hill’s Giant; Echinacea Summer Cocktail (sandy yellow flowers mature into purple); Rhododendron Yakushimanum Grumpy and Dreamland; three Anemone Wild Swan – beautiful plants they are – an unexpected find and not likely to be seen again until the Spring; another digitalis, of the orchid variety, Serendipity; more Agapanthus to pot up, a lone Pulsatilla, a red flowered form if memory serves, but have run out of compost…..


A busy weekend then – I have plans and planting lists for my Mediterranean excursion in Kew to draw up and I’m meeting new clients tomorrow to talk over their cottage garden plans.

Maybe a trip to RHS Wisley early tomorrow morning, just to see how Autumn is colouring up…

Absolutely not thinking about all the bulbs I have ordered…

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