The Shady Lady Gardener


The Lady Gardener – introduced  by David Austin this year – one of just four new roses to add to their collection

I’m wondering still about this rose, the name and the rose itself. I haven’t seen a mature plant out in a garden situation yet, so my observations are quite limited. Certainly it is a healthy plant and I like this colouring, albeit that it fades in strong sunshine to a muted beige… Maybe it needs a little dappled shade?

I shall have to search out an example that has had time to grow up and I can re-assess the situation.

Gorgeous flower just now though (dull and rainy conditions).

From the David Austin website –

The Lady Gardener (Ausbrass)

Category English Roses
(English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Flower Type Semi-double
Size Short/medium Shrub
Hardiness Very hardy
Fragrance Strong
Repeating Excellent

This is a particularly interesting rose in that it is the first in the English Old Rose group which has apricot flowers. These are large, about 4″ across, and of a beautiful shade of rich pure apricot that pales towards the outside of the bloom. They are of a rosette shape and very full petalled with a large button eye that gradually opens up; the petals loosely arranged in a quartered formation. Altogether an excellent garden plant that will repeat flower quickly, stand up well to rain and stay very healthy. There is a particularly lovely and strong Tea fragrance which has hints of cedar wood and vanilla. It will reach a height of 3½ft and about 2½ft across, depending on how it is pruned.

Named to raise awareness for Plant Heritage and their important work to protect Britain’s garden plant diversity. We maintain the National Collection of English Roses here in our Rose Gardens.

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