An English Rose… and another…

A whole lot of David Austin – not much writing, but plenty of pictures for this Friday night.


David Austin rose, Grace, with distinctive quilled petals. One of the shorter bush roses and also excellent in a container.

Princess Anne

A rose of exceptional health, immune to powdery mildew and blackspot and flowering in regular flushes throughout the summer. The flowers mature and fade, complimenting the brighter, more youthful blooms. Little or no scent, but this can be forgiven since it is such a healthy rose.


The Mayflower and Susan Williams-Ellis

The Mayflower (pink) and Susan Williams-Ellis (white), a sport – identical save for flower colour which with SW-E, is the most pure white of all the Austins, with fine, tissue-like petals and absurdly healthy foliage. Lovely fragrance to both.

Golden Celebration – can be treated as a large shrub or as one of the Fragrant English Climbers

Boscobel, introduced last year and a firm favourite

A very fragrant rose, exhibiting a range of colours from pink through peach and even orange. A lovely fruity fragrance and, being among the most recent introductions, particularly healthy.

Graham Thomas

Where it all started, the success of Graham Thomas (together with Mary Rose) launched David Austin onto the horticultural scene at RHS Chelsea in the early 1980’s and there has been no looking back. Four decades later and the English Rose is known and respected internationally.


Fantastic perfume from Harlow Carr

Harlow Carr, a hugely shrubby-leafy rose, with a haze of prickles on each stem, and the most fragrant, jingly flowers held in sprays. A proper Old Rose scent that you would think these delightful little flowers could not produce. Wild rose parents make this exceptionally healthy.


Scarborough Fair

One of the lowest growing Austin roses, at two and a half feet, and prolific in flowering, with white, blush pink and shades of apricot and peach on the buds and younger flowers.

Last, but by no means least, Lady Emma Hamilton


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