Yellow (not purple)

IMG_0041 - Copy

Echinacea Sombrero Sandy Yellow

IMG_0048 - Copy

The plant breeders are all over Echinacea purpurea and plenty of new forms are coming out to wonder and marvel at. Some, like Tomato Soup (with petals almost exactly the shade of Heinz Tomato Soup, watered down a little maybe, perhaps with a splash of milk) cross the line of being a Good Plant. This yellow, on the other hand, I’m certain will find favour among gardeners, adding it to golden grasses, blue and lavender Asters, with achilleas (both Cerise Queen and Coronation Chicken – not this last one, though there is a variety with ‘Coronation’ in it somewhere), Heleniums and all manner of late summer perennials. Creams, straw tones and marmalade colours, soft pinks, lavenders shades, bright and silvery blues.

Bright, open spot, sunny, well drained soil, not too rich.

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