We’re getting ready to bring you a regular gardening show on ORLA.fm, which is something completely new for me and very, very exciting.

Promotional recordings are being aired this weekend and I hope that they whet your appetite for the full-on shows which start in October.

After many years doing all kinds of other things, I came back to gardening about 5 years ago, spending two years studying for exams with the Royal Horticultural Society and setting up business in West London. I’m in the great outdoors every day now, keeping me in tune with the seasons and what’s happening, literally, on the ground. The job keeps me on my toes as there is always something new to learn, new plants, new problems to solve, new places to visit. Every day is different.

Keep listening to ORLA.fm and please join me on Zielone Palce (Green Fingers). This is one of the promos…

I’m Martin Ogden and here to help you get the best out of your garden, large or small.

I’m a gardener and talk to people every day, helping them choose the right plants for their gardens, even those difficult places where nothing seems to want to grow. There are plants that will just love that shady area, or boggy spot, or north facing wall! There are super plants too – powerhouse plants that perform over several seasons and we will look at some of these as the weeks go by.
The hard work – keeping your garden beautiful, healthy and productive –  pruning, propagation (and division – because we like free plants) and those awkward pests and diseases will also be topics under discussion – what to do when, and how. 
We’re heading into Autumn now and working up to a crescendo in the garden so there is lots still to do – keeping the display going, harvesting produce, catching the last few crops, choosing and putting in new plants (there is a recent article here on fruit trees and picking the best apple tree for your garden) and planning for next year. 
You can email the station if you have any questions and you can read my blog each week – there will always be details of the plants or techniques I’ve covered on Zielone Palce and lots of photographs