More is More – Petersham Nurseries revisited


Welcome to Petersham Nurseries

A Sunday stroll along the Thames and up to Petersham Nurseries (I have written about this extravagant experience before) and I’m drawn back. The catering experience has expanded significantly since my last visit a few months ago, making all the plants and ‘hardware’ feel more and more like window dressing for the main even (or main course). I am still a huge fan – their plants are happy and healthy and there is a great deal of wit in their presentation.

Still, while less is more might work as a modern aesthetic and for other establishments, more is more works here – layers upon layers of goodies and everything, the whole lifestyle – is for sale.

The shop is still a delight and much on sale cries out quality through and through. There is a degree of chutzpah though when it comes to pricing their furniture range. Skip à la mode.

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